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Kanon x Kanon

This is the most long overdue journal I have ever written but I want to have some place to store photos in case I accidentally delete them!

Anyway, the concert venue was at the O2 in Islington. I had never been there before and ended up walking right pass the venue... It's quite tiny, more like a small bar with a stage like those local gigs you get with local bands trying to get more well known. I suppose I should have expected a venue this small really considering they're not very well known in this country at all. It was a case of you have to find a decent spot and stay there for the rest of the night, I made the mistake of going to get a drink (which I didn't get in the end, was so overpriced!) and almost lost my spot, luckily the people were nice and let me go back to where Molly was standing, whom I went to the concert with. 

The concert itself was really nice to listen to. Kanon Wakeshima did a few songs on her own, some well known from the anime Vampire Knight, some other songs which are from her album. She sung really well live and is precious when she danced about on stage.

She wore the same outfit as she did back on the Saturday of Hyper Japan 2011 as far as I'm aware (I went on the Sunday!), it was so pretty, glad I saw it in real life!

Kanon from AnCafe came on afterwards. I was expecting him to do some bass solos, but he just did some DJing to his favourite anime tunes. Not gonna lie, was pretty disappointed at this aspect.

When he left the stage a cute little video came on to entertain the crowd whilst they both got ready for the next performance. It was a little mini cartoon version of Kanon x Kanon and then they had a video of an alien teaching us this dance. We kinda thought it was just a joke, but then we found that was their closing song and we danced together with Kanon x Kanon which was rather amusing to say the least!

Kanon x Kanon had an outfit change and did some cute songs together, they are just so cute when dancing together! I couldn't get any pictures of Kanon from AnCafe in the outfit change unfortunately because they were moving about too much or people were blocking my view.

Overall it was a really enjoyable night. They tried to speak English as much as possible despite the language barrier and they were just precious. They had good charisma and sound great live.

Photos are very poor quality because they were taken directly from my phone! Didn't bring my DSLR because I didn't think I'd be able to use it, which I was right, you couldn't use it unless you were there super early or watched it from the side of the stage.

This journal is so overdue I can barely remember any of it, so errrr, semi-quickie journal for me!



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Jan. 16th, 2012 03:30 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a great show. Shame that he had gone with the DJing aspect. Sounds like you had a great time and the photos of her are great ;)
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