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Hijacking the first post I ever made on LJ as my welcome post lawl!
I don't think I really need one of these because the majority of people that add me I already know! But for those who stumble upon my profile from various communities then this is for you!

So I'm Fiona, but most people call me Fi because it's easier.
This is my personal blog where I ramble on and on about random stuff in my life, fangirling and stupid thought processes.
I basically keep whatever I don't want to share to the whole world under friends lock and everything else... not... ... Yeaaah.

Additional info to come, I'm really lazy with this welcome post thingy LOL.


Jul. 21st, 2008 08:06 pm (UTC)
Wahey! I've figured out how to reply! Huzzah! [LJ loses me sometimes xD; - I'm such a n00b!]
And thank you for the welcome :)
I know quite a few people turning their journal into a cosplay journal, so at least I'm not alone? ='D
I can't wait too! 83 Hopefully I shall go fabric shopping next Tuesday <3 I can finally start sewing again! XD