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November 13th, 2015

Sales Post

My previous sales post went down to the depths of my LJ, so here's an updated version!!

I'm just going to offer free P&P for simplicities apart from the really large bulk of manga which are just way too heavy to offer free P&P, I'll add on a few extra pounds for them but otherwise, free P&P! If you want something, drop me a comment or PM for a final quote including P&P etc etc.
OR, we can meet up sometime to save P&P charges. I'll be at various conventions in the UK, or we can meet up in Taunton. Or I am often found travelling to different places so let me know if you want anything and I can let you know if I happen to be going there sometime :3


None available at the moment - all sold out!Collapse )


Shoes and cosplayCollapse )

Manga - Individual volumes £4
Selling off quite a large chunk! Keeping my favourites though, I really want more room and I have over 200 manga so time to get selling!
I'll give a discount on bulk buys

Super long list of manga!Collapse )

That's it for now, going to update with games and DVDs later. I have way too many and would have to fish through them in order to pick out which ones I want to sell!
I have a lot of posters too, never used. Because my room is too small to fit all the posters I buy for it. Will take pictures of them sometime.