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Hijacking the first post I ever made on LJ as my welcome post lawl!
I don't think I really need one of these because the majority of people that add me I already know! But for those who stumble upon my profile from various communities then this is for you!

So I'm Fiona, but most people call me Fi because it's easier.
This is my personal blog where I ramble on and on about random stuff in my life, fangirling and stupid thought processes.
I basically keep whatever I don't want to share to the whole world under friends lock and everything else... not... ... Yeaaah.

Additional info to come, I'm really lazy with this welcome post thingy LOL.

Sales Post

My previous sales post went down to the depths of my LJ, so here's an updated version!!

I'm just going to offer free P&P for simplicities apart from the really large bulk of manga which are just way too heavy to offer free P&P, I'll add on a few extra pounds for them but otherwise, free P&P! If you want something, drop me a comment or PM for a final quote including P&P etc etc.
OR, we can meet up sometime to save P&P charges. I'll be at various conventions in the UK, or we can meet up in Taunton. Or I am often found travelling to different places so let me know if you want anything and I can let you know if I happen to be going there sometime :3


None available at the moment - all sold out!Collapse )


Shoes and cosplayCollapse )

Manga - Individual volumes £4
Selling off quite a large chunk! Keeping my favourites though, I really want more room and I have over 200 manga so time to get selling!
I'll give a discount on bulk buys

Super long list of manga!Collapse )

That's it for now, going to update with games and DVDs later. I have way too many and would have to fish through them in order to pick out which ones I want to sell!
I have a lot of posters too, never used. Because my room is too small to fit all the posters I buy for it. Will take pictures of them sometime.


Passed my first year of Uni with a first! So happy. Found out this news whilst still in France as our hotel had free (crappy) Wi-Fi so managed to take a sneaky peak at facebook as it's easier to check if coursemates have their results yet rather than logging into my emails. And it was just the best surprise ever! I was expecting a 2:1 as one exam went miserably wrong, so I was unbelievably happy when I got a first!

No resits for me, which also means I will definitely be at Amecon :D


Kanon x Kanon

This is the most long overdue journal I have ever written but I want to have some place to store photos in case I accidentally delete them!

Cut for text and picturesCollapse )

Overall it was a really enjoyable night. They tried to speak English as much as possible despite the language barrier and they were just precious. They had good charisma and sound great live.

Photos are very poor quality because they were taken directly from my phone! Didn't bring my DSLR because I didn't think I'd be able to use it, which I was right, you couldn't use it unless you were there super early or watched it from the side of the stage.

This journal is so overdue I can barely remember any of it, so errrr, semi-quickie journal for me!


Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

I still can't believe it's 2012 already actually, I'm not use to saying it because I haven't had to write the date in ages hahaha (that's my only method of setting in the date in my brain!)

I'm still quite busy with work because I slacked off so hard during the Xmas holidays. Spent most of it playing Final Fantasy XII, going out to see friends or catching up on TV (mainly Avatar: The Last Airbender, Got to Dance and Game of Thrones). Yeah, no work done. Means I'm paying for it now! Coursework deadline is Monday, well, later today :P So when that's over and done with I will be revising for the next few weeks for a "formative test", mock exam basically. I keep meaning to spam people with comments on older journal entries, I still intend to do this! (Or at least read them) So you may find some comments from me at some point in the near or distant future...

Anyway, I'm mainly making a journal entry because I want to make some New Years resolutions and see if I can actually keep to them, I didn't do very well last year I'll admit...

6 goals! Let's see if I can manage...Collapse )

Anyone keeping up with Persona 4: The Animation btw? I don't know why people are moaning about the new opening, but I absolutely love it! Yes, Sky is the Limit was fantastic. But I actually think this new one is even more amazing! Anyone agree? Disagree? Omg get a life Fiona and do some bloody work than fanspazz over Persona? :P

Eyes on Me preview

Made a New Years resolution that this year I would learn Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy VIII on the piano. I failed, but I completed 1/3 of it! Thought I'd share a preview~

I'm playing this on a keyboard and I don't even have a sustain pedal, hence why it doesn't sound great and there's no technique in it whatsoever. You don't know how many times it took me to practise not slipping in an accidental sforzando when trying to make each note smooth to compensate for my lack of sustain pedal, the keys are just so much lighter than my piano! Obvious cock up towards the end, cause I don't know from that section onwards very well :x

Eyes on Me is a nice song to play on a keyboard, the notes aren't too far apart from each other. Whenever I try playing other pieces like Melodies of Life however where you're jumping from an octave to another in the space of a bar it's harder to get the legato feeling XD Hence why my flatmates are probably sick of hearing me practise Eyes on Me over and over because it makes me rage if something doesn't sound nice, that and I want to complete the song. 

Constructive feedback is most welcome~
I haven't finalised rubato, dynamics, etc but some feedback on what you think I should do would be lovely. Every time I play it through I do something different!

WARNING!!! Turn your volume down to around 1/4 or 1/2, it is bloody loud!

One day I might post a preview of the chocobo theme on the violin, I want to write my own variation on it first though so that will be next year's resolution! 

Uta no Prince-sama

I haven't done a review in absolutely ages! I've actually finished an anime though so I'm going to write this up otherwise it will be ages before I finish another anime :P

UtaPri is a 13 episode anime, it's very short with a single plot. It was based off a girl's dating sim game so it's your typical girl surrounded by a group of bishonen and a female friend to balance things out. 

Not gonna lie, I didn't like the main character very much. I found her incredibly annoying for the first several episodes, it was only towards the end that she grew on me and I didn't mind her. I think this is why I'm giving the anime a low score, because you kinda have to like the main lead to enjoy the show. The harem can have whatever personalities they wish, but I feel the main lead has to be likeable, which she wasn't for me at the start. The problem with short anime is that there isn't much character development, but I think the anime was a good advertisement for the main games because you could get a flavour for what the characters were like. 

I thought the plot was simplistic and it felt like it was aimed for the younger audience. It was so incredibly cheesy to say the least. It basically showed Nanami's, the main character's, journey as well as how Starrish was formed. The opening concert you see in the very first video (and the same ending you see after every episode) was a pretty big spoiler, it showed how everything works out. Not going to lie though, I did really enjoy the ending and it made me smile, I do love cheesy happy endings and I'm a big sop for cheesy pop music. 

The music imo was fantastic, it's just my thing LOL. Cheesy boyband pop music. If you don't like that, you will probably hate the whole show, full stop. I later discovered that Mamoru Miyano was one of the seiyuus and singers so that was a bit of a bonus. 

Overall I gave it 2/5. It was very much a guilty pleasure for me and I admit it has a lot of faults, but it's so cheesy I can't help but watch it!


Persona 3/4 group for Ayacon 2011!

(Yes, I am reposting this everywhere! XD)

P4 Summer shoot last year was a success, so I want to see how many people I can get for a convention!! I'm going a bit Persona mad at the moment so want to cosplay from both 3 and 4, who else is with me?

Each group will be for separate days. Which day however, no idea! Still early days!

Doubles are welcome by the way!!

Persona 3
Minato Arisato: Darkslayers
Minako Arisato: Azzie
Yukari Takeba: NavigatorxNami
Junpei Iori:
Mitsuru Kirijo: CrystalNeko
Akihiko Sanada: Hitachiin -maybe
Aigis: Special-Pleb -maybe
Ken Amada:
Koromaru: (If we get a big P3 group then one of us could bring a plush or something, unless someone wants to fursuit it XD)
Shinjiro Aragaki: Kairu
Fuuka Yamagishi: madmazda86
Chidori: Sora
Elizabeth: Agi
Theodore: Ballet shoes
+ Any other social link/personas/side characters/antagonists are welcome! There are just toooo many characters in these games!!

Persona 4
Shoji Seta: Hitachiin -maybe
Yosuke Hanamura: Azzie -maybe; Hitachiin -maybe
Chie Satonaka: Azzie -maybe
Yukiko Amagi: NavigatorxNami
Kanji Tatsumi:
Rise Kujikawa: CrystalNeko
Naoto Shirogane:
Teddie: Sarmander
+ Any other social link/personas/side characters/antagonists are welcome! There are just toooo many characters in these games!!

Hyper Japan 2011

I decided to go to this literally four days before the event. As I live in Somerset, I can get cheap travel to London at a set rate which is why this was doable! (Berrys London superfast coach service)
As it was only a one day event, I'll set it out like my JE journal, was neater that way anyway.

Hyper Japan

I went on Sunday. I was worried about the queues as I was getting constant facebook and twitter feeds from people that went on Saturday and they had been queuing up for 3hrs and then got turned away and sent to queue up for a further hour if they want a refund. Which is ridiculous really, some people had travelled for hours only to spend their whole day out in London queuing for an event they couldn't get into. Luckily for me, I only had to queue for 2 minutes on Sunday so I'm glad I picked that day over Saturday. 

The event itself was lovely, I can see why it's so popular. They had pretty much all things a fan of anime, Japanese culture, etc could ever want. Fashion shows, plenty of merchandise on sale, lots of Japanese food (I tried some green tea ice cream onomnomnom), maid cafe, everything! Also had anime screenings and video game previews which haven't been released in Europe yet. I'm not a massive fan of lolita, however it was nice looking at all the brand Hyper Japan were able to get. Again, not a massive fan, but it was nice seeing the figure collections they had there. 

What impressed me most however, was the artist wall. They had a whole wall dedicated to artworks from various talented artists. It's something that MCM Expo and most other conventions in the UK are lacking. Sure, every event has an artist gallery, but I loved how they had everyone's artwork on display and you could really appreciate people's art better that way. They had a number beside each one so if you did one to purchase a print you'd just say the number - I didn't buy anything though as I have no room on my wall and it'd only get screwed up on the coach journey home! I honestly could not pick out a single bad piece of art though, each one was top quality!

Of course, every convention has various dealers with lots of cute stuff. I like cute things, here's my crap photos of them!
Click for picturesCollapse )

Kanon Wakeshima

Click to read more and see picturesCollapse )


Click to read moreCollapse )


It was a nice event, I'd go again. It's bigger than I thought it would be as I assumed it'd be tiny as it's pretty new. It was absolutely melting in there so hopefully next time they will have better air conditioning, or I'll pick a costume which involves less layers :P Have to say I'm extremely excited for the next guest they'll bring out! If it's another singer I will be happyyyyy! Of course it was lovely seeing friends again, especially those who aren't going to Ayacon, wouldn't get to see them till October Expo otherwise!! As it's way smaller than Expo it was easier to bump into people so it was great seeing people!

Japan Expo 2011

Finally had time to do a report. It was Japan Expo on Thursday 30th June - Sunday 3rd July, four day convention, longest event I've been to! And man it needs to be longer because even with four days at the convention, I still didn't get the chance to see everything! I had a quick browse at everything but I didn't get the chance to actually have a go at everything I wanted to do or properly browse at certain stalls, etc.

Very hectic weekend, to keep things short I'm going to totally nick ecg_germany2011 's journal format because it's so much neater than my usual con reports... And considering we were up to a lot for the whole 6 days, that's a lot of paragraphs XD


Cut for textCollapse )

Cut for textCollapse )

Japan Expo

The convention is massive. It had everything you could ever want. It seemed to be split into two halves, Japan Expo and the Comic Con. Japan Expo was where all the anime/manga/games/Jpop/etc merch could be bought. Also a lovely massive section for artists, really enjoyed looking through people's works. There was a good fashion section as well with lots of people selling the most adorable accessories ever, really wanted to buy all those necklaces people had for sale. They had a lot of famous companies there such as NicoNicoDouga which was fun to watch. There was a massive range of figures there, I'm not into figures but I liked looking at them and they had the most adorable nendroids on show, I love those things!

Also had its very own "100% Cosplay Stage" where there was actually a show on throughout the whole event. So any time when I was feeling tired from walking around, I could just sit down and watch the show. That was like the mini stage, they had the main stage which basically had its own hall and was massive. Really massive, I'd say the hall is the same size as the London Expo hall, and that's just for the audience to sit in. They also had another area called the Japan Expo Live House which was where all the bands performed, still pretty big!

The Comic Con was basically where all the video games, movies and conferences/talks happened. Lots of things here too. They had lots of things from a Sonic theme park to an area where you can get pictures next to a piece of card on the floor and they turn that into a Pokemon!! As well as lots of previews of games which you're allowed to play on, including ones that aren't even released yet. You also got the chance to play the ball game from Wakfu (which was entertaining to watch) and you could get free cans of Coke Zero, I was never thirsty XD

Cut for pictures around the event, what I got, concerts, etcCollapse )


Here were my cosplay plans!
Thursday: Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) with ChibiYaoiOtaku as Protagonist and NavigatorxNami as Yukari Takeba
Friday: Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
Saturday: Seth Nightroad (Trinity Blood)
Sunday: Seth in the morning, Sheryl in the afternoon with Yuka as Ranka Lee

Cut for textCollapse )

Cut for pictures of my cosplaysCollapse )

European Cosplay Gathering Finals

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Cut for pictures and more textCollapse )

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