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Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

I still can't believe it's 2012 already actually, I'm not use to saying it because I haven't had to write the date in ages hahaha (that's my only method of setting in the date in my brain!)

I'm still quite busy with work because I slacked off so hard during the Xmas holidays. Spent most of it playing Final Fantasy XII, going out to see friends or catching up on TV (mainly Avatar: The Last Airbender, Got to Dance and Game of Thrones). Yeah, no work done. Means I'm paying for it now! Coursework deadline is Monday, well, later today :P So when that's over and done with I will be revising for the next few weeks for a "formative test", mock exam basically. I keep meaning to spam people with comments on older journal entries, I still intend to do this! (Or at least read them) So you may find some comments from me at some point in the near or distant future...

Anyway, I'm mainly making a journal entry because I want to make some New Years resolutions and see if I can actually keep to them, I didn't do very well last year I'll admit...

1) Learn "Eyes on Me" on the piano.
This was my resolution last year, a bit one too. Kinda failed. I got up to 2/3 of the piece by the end of the year, I'm slowly learning the last page now! It's such a lovely piece yet I'm learning it on a keyboard and it just doesn't sound the same as when I played it on my piano. Hopefully I can do a recording at some point this year, finding my video camera would help though...

2) Drop a dress size or two!
Actually, since being at university, I've lost a stone and lost two inches off my waist. Was actually really surprised at that as I stopped dancing. But I think it's because of the sudden diet change, I don't snack or eat as much purely because I hate carrying too much from the store! I eat more veg as well because I get bored of eating just one type of veg so always cook around 3-4 different type of veg for dinner and eat some fruit for lunch so I'm surprisingly a lot healthier at Uni than I am at home! Hopefully I can keep it up with ease!

3) Get into the habit of going for a run.
I can't dance anymore, well I could, but I want to save my money! So I want to start running. It's just getting into it that's all. I'm going to aim to go once a week for one or two miles just to get into the swing of things but then gradually start going more often I think. Need to build up stamina anyway, my stamina is just appalling!

4) Be more adventurous with cooking.
I have a cook book. I should really use it. 

5) Get better at time management.
This goes for everything, studying, working on cosplays, keeping track of the time so I get 8hrs of sleep everyday. My time management has always been terrible. 

6) Make one impressive costume.
Just one, at the moment I have Wedding Ashe from Final Fantasy XII planned but omg, I want it to be perfect so I don't know if I can actually manage that with my current skill level. I don't even know how to transport all those intricate armoured detailing safely without damaging it...

Anyone keeping up with Persona 4: The Animation btw? I don't know why people are moaning about the new opening, but I absolutely love it! Yes, Sky is the Limit was fantastic. But I actually think this new one is even more amazing! Anyone agree? Disagree? Omg get a life Fiona and do some bloody work than fanspazz over Persona? :P


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Jan. 9th, 2012 02:45 am (UTC)
Good list. I need to get better time management as well. I suck at making time for my artwork. The cooking one is a good idea as you can find that home cooked foods can work better for dieting.

Best of luck with your list and have a great 2012
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